Tuesday, December 20, 2011

this blog has turned to shit, and as most of you who actually read this would already know
i am back in adelaide already!
so yeah no exciting travel posts anymore :(
but i am off to vietnam, malaysia and bali in like 2 weeeks
gettin ma tan on and layzing about at the beach <3
cant wait mother fuckers.
anyways gonna leave you with inspiration photos of ma summer ahead lolzas


x. ignatia

Monday, December 12, 2011


its not fair, and its really not okay

this has been the hardest thing in my life so far
its hurts me to know that i let you stay with him for so long
but i am so proud of you for leaving him
i should have been a better friend, in so many ways
i hate myself for the way i left things the last time i saw you
you are the strongest girl ive ever met and you brought so much happiness into this world
i dont regret the fun we had
i dont regret being young and wild and free,
because it meant we got to see that beautiful smile upon your face
you were such a big part of my teenage years
i dont think i will ever be the same girl as i was when i spent time with you
you had this amazing way of making me forget about all the stupid little things
and just live my life to the best of its ability
but i will try to make the most of everyday from now on
try and find that incredible happiness you had inside you...
this world will not be the same with out you

x. iggy