Wednesday, June 6, 2012

no shame 2012 right

the veronicas actually some up my teenage girl thoughts pretty well tbh
teenage drama queen ~
not even kidding, no shame right here
like if your basing your opinion on someone by what music they listen to anyway
i dont really wanna be friends with you any ways
been there done that; over it
haha kk preach it souls sistahhh right

Sunday, May 27, 2012

backstory!~ VIETNAM//KL//BALI SUMMER 2012

never posted photos of my trip back in the summer
so here ya go!
vietnam was amazing and I miss it so so so much
the people especially <3
the weather and tanning in bali
and the city skyline in Kuala Lumpur !
so much has changed since then
and I kinda wish i could just go back into that little bubble i lived in on that trip where i ignored my entire life in Australia
and appreciated the bigger picture of life more





 x. ignatia

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

formal shoes

 mint // stone?

to go with my mint coloured, floor length formal dress...

new clothes :)

multiple parcels arrived on my doorstep today ! yay :)
definitely put a positive spin on a pre miserable day
I also got photos of my finished formal dress from the beader
and i am so happy with it! can't wait to pick it up :)
now just gotta find me a date... lol
The parcels that arrived were from sheinside, romwe and riotloco
each a little bundle of excitement!
I love my top below it makes me so happy, now im just waiting for my mint jeans to arrive so I can wear them together ^_^ hehe
I got wayy more things in my packages, including a blouse, tights, jumper, top, and another necklace which i shall post more images of later! 
and also a big haul post on all the overall stuff I bought
just waiting on one more package from romwe which should arrive in the next day or two :)
a girl never can have to many clothes heheheh ! 
love love love

top from RIOTLOCO and statement necklace from ROMWE

PS. sorry for the chubbyness i just ate the best dinner lololololol


Friday, May 11, 2012

diy glitter ankle boots :)

it only took me like 10 minutes and really messy hands with glitter everywhere 
and my plain suede ankle boots were tranformed into glittering beauties :)
hehe i am actually so happy with how they turned out!
going to wear them out to some party tonight even, now lets just hope the glue stuck
and i dont get glitter everywhere~ hahahhaaha 
today is a good day! <3

x. ignatia

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

it's time to sink or swim

found this while cleaning my bedroom.
never knew i even had it/remember buying it :)
yay to clothes!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

dreaming of a place you'd rather be

mum's a darl' and letting me chose the next location for a family getaway :)
currently trying to decide between the Whitsundays or the snow
although there is also the possibility of Tokyo or other tropical Asian paradises later in the year <3
seeing as its freaking freezing right now I'm heading towards the Whitsunday...
looking into house swapping with a family that live on the incredible unspoiled paradise
the island has like 10 inhabitants and in right in the great barrier reef
its looks so tranquil and peaceful and the most amazing mid-year escape from the stress and frustrations of year 12 !!!
please somewhere take me there now, so i can escape this dreadful winter cold...

[images via weheartit and pinterest]


Friday, May 4, 2012

The rain wets the leopard's spots but does not wash them off.

this girl is so beautiful and brave ~
it makes me sad to think of what she has to go through every day :'(
skin conditions are hard and she deals with it so well, such an inspiration <3
people should check out her blog
my heart goes out to psoriasis sufferers around the world; today and everyday; the good days and the bad

Interesting to see how you'd react! You can sort of do not know completely before you are in the situation itself. I've come a long process where I have to admit that I'm like, I hardly think that I am sick anymore. The pictures in the previous post is from the beginning of the outbreak, now I'm almost psoriasisfree - the only thing that remains is brown, large "freckles" in which psoriasis once frolicked. As a true leopard, with red wounds and tears    ...   I was desperately thinking " Why me? ". I had yelled at my own reflection, cried tears of frustration over a " young, destroyed the outside "and thought that no man in the world would ever touch me again. No dresses would look good anymore, no summer along the long sandy beaches, no lights and scantily clad future at all. I felt disgusted with my body, which would no longer felt like mine. I felt that I was nasty, and felt like a defeat that handled it so badly. "

[images via supermarie]

x ignatia

Thursday, May 3, 2012


so fashion week is a very nostaligic time for me, looking back on how much fun i had last year
and how great it is to have a break mid semsester to just clear the head and relieve a bit of the stress
not that fashion week isnt stressfull that is, hahah its probably the most stressfull week of the year for a lot of people!
and i dreadfully miss those 4am wakeups and 15 hour long days that i got to experience last year
and i kick myself for not going again this year !!!
note to self: fashion>year12 ~ everytime.
but following every single live update on twitter is about as close to the action i will get this year...
and i will be doing some collection posts sooon! i promise :)
probably zimmerman, alice mccall, and talulah 
for now though im just going to dream back (via the help of these photos) to those sunnny sydney days last year that were desperately needed as a break from these chilling winter adelaide ones!


x ignatia

Monday, April 30, 2012

you got mail !

best feeling when you get home to a parcel waiting for you!
especially when you didnt expect it to come for a couple of day :)
top from esther boutique
which is actually based in sandy bay, tasmania
hometown represent bitch ~
ill post piccies of it laterz!

x. ignatia


1. scarf print countess dress

2. tripp nyc z-cut jeans 

3. demin colour blocking shirt

4. mint jeans

Sunday, April 29, 2012

retail therapy

mmmm online shopping :)
it is quite incredible how comforting I find shopping to be
like, once in antwerpen when i had just arrived i was being followed by some creepy old guy
and i was completely lost, thinking i was about to be raped and freaking the fuck out
then my eyes fell upon COS and i was totally carm as i feated my eyes upon all the beautiful clothes
i ended up spending like 200 euro that day and hardly wearing any of the clothes again.. hahahahah
but i dont even mind because in that instance they served there purpose :)
as i can rely on them to do anytime i am a bit stressed, or upset, or angry.
sooo tonight in my stress from not doing any of my year 12 homework/boys/family and with access to my mums credit card hehe i decided to go on a little bit of an online shopping spreee! yaya
-peplum top from esther
-few items from including a blouse and statement necklace
-jumpers from to fullfill my asian fashion fetish
-few things from asos
-blouse from riotloco
all of this makes me incredibly happy and i promise to do a clothing post off all my goodies once the arrive! as lots are coming from asia could be a while though grrr im so impatient heh
x ignatia


to celebrate (?) the 100th anniversary of the titanic a group of me and my friends got together to have a dinner party like that they they celebrated aboard the RMS Titanic all the way back in 1912. The Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio is perhaps one of my favourite movies of all time. Back when i was around 7 years old I honestly watched it everyday for a year. You could say I was just a little obsessed hehehe! The dinner party anyhow was a huge success with perhaps the beast food i have ever eaten in my entire life, ever! Think rocket, fetta, and fig bruscetta; and caramelized pumpkin and rocket pizza; good cheeses; macarons and so much other amazing treats :) Mix that with great company and alcohol and you have a beautiful mix <3 


x. ignatia


okay guys, so its time for this blog to get back on track
little update on my general life
summer is long gone and so is my asia trip
which was fab btw and deserves it post of its own!
so really ive just been swamped with all my year 12 work
and my heads been totally all over the place
so excuse the depressing posts below, its time to get my head back in a better mindframe :)
love you long time
x ignatia

Friday, February 24, 2012

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

no matter how far you flee the reason why will always be there

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

sometimes i hate my family
fucking hopeless bastard cunts that just dont give a fucking shit,ey
one day when you're in intense pain
i'll tell you to get the fuck over it
and sit and watch as you suffer slowly
miserable twats!