Wednesday, June 6, 2012

no shame 2012 right

the veronicas actually some up my teenage girl thoughts pretty well tbh
teenage drama queen ~
not even kidding, no shame right here
like if your basing your opinion on someone by what music they listen to anyway
i dont really wanna be friends with you any ways
been there done that; over it
haha kk preach it souls sistahhh right

Sunday, May 27, 2012

backstory!~ VIETNAM//KL//BALI SUMMER 2012

never posted photos of my trip back in the summer
so here ya go!
vietnam was amazing and I miss it so so so much
the people especially <3
the weather and tanning in bali
and the city skyline in Kuala Lumpur !
so much has changed since then
and I kinda wish i could just go back into that little bubble i lived in on that trip where i ignored my entire life in Australia
and appreciated the bigger picture of life more





 x. ignatia

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

formal shoes

 mint // stone?

to go with my mint coloured, floor length formal dress...

new clothes :)

multiple parcels arrived on my doorstep today ! yay :)
definitely put a positive spin on a pre miserable day
I also got photos of my finished formal dress from the beader
and i am so happy with it! can't wait to pick it up :)
now just gotta find me a date... lol
The parcels that arrived were from sheinside, romwe and riotloco
each a little bundle of excitement!
I love my top below it makes me so happy, now im just waiting for my mint jeans to arrive so I can wear them together ^_^ hehe
I got wayy more things in my packages, including a blouse, tights, jumper, top, and another necklace which i shall post more images of later! 
and also a big haul post on all the overall stuff I bought
just waiting on one more package from romwe which should arrive in the next day or two :)
a girl never can have to many clothes heheheh ! 
love love love

top from RIOTLOCO and statement necklace from ROMWE

PS. sorry for the chubbyness i just ate the best dinner lololololol


Friday, May 11, 2012

diy glitter ankle boots :)

it only took me like 10 minutes and really messy hands with glitter everywhere 
and my plain suede ankle boots were tranformed into glittering beauties :)
hehe i am actually so happy with how they turned out!
going to wear them out to some party tonight even, now lets just hope the glue stuck
and i dont get glitter everywhere~ hahahhaaha 
today is a good day! <3

x. ignatia