belgium bucket list

also in celebration of my one month mark here
i have decided to make a list of all the things i have to do before i leave !
i will update suggestions are made and more things are added
so here go's:

1. see the belgium seaside
2. try all the different types of belgium beer (or as many as physically possible..)
3. run through a corn field
4. visit all the major towns
5. go on a train to the countryside
6. horse riding (preferably in the snow as well)
7. go to the ballet and opera
8. try specaloos pasta
9. sleding
10. ice skating in the open-air
11. be able to sing a disney song in dutch
12. go to disneyland paris at christmas time
13. go camping by a lake
14. go swimming in winter
15. try all the different types of wafels
16. feel comfortable riding a bike
17. see lots and lots of castles
18. find a european boy..
19. boat trip in bruges
20. go to the dolls house museum in amsterdam
21. find this abandonded castle link
22. buy laduree macarons
23. skip school to go to paris for the day (just because you can lol)
24. see
25. go to scandinavia...
26. white christmas (heres a hopin')
27. meet the belgium prince guy lollololol
28. make a speculoos gingerbread house
29. pick my own christmas tree from a christmas tree farm
to be continued..