Friday, November 18, 2011

If I grew up on a farm, and was retarded, Bruges might impress me but I didn't, so it doesn't.

just kiddin !
bruges is beautiful :)
kinda quiet and lonely but thats its charm i guess
everything is super small and cute
its like a freaking toy town !
like for real the doors are tiny hahah
anyways bit of a backstory now
it was wednesday again so i met up with ana lucia in gent and we headed off to bruges
niether of us had been yet which was cool!
totally fucking cold
and we discussed how depressing belgian weather is
its really a downer, sucks bro
we realised it had been exactly 2 months since our first wednesday adventure to another belgian town
which was cute ^^
its also meant we had both passed out 3 month mark of being in belgium
kinda glad the end is coming
but at the same time i am actually going to miss this place <3
while we were in bruges we checked out the cute little suveniour shops hahaha
and went to the chocolate mueseum
chilling with ana lucias ancestors the mayans
and obama, just causss.
oh and this adorbable park which i forgot the same of
with pretty white swans
they looked so magical in the dark ! :)
and the trees were super creepy looking it was pre cool
and thats about it really...
weekends creeping up quickly
thankgod as it means im off to amsterdam for a few days!
i well needed break i think! im still kind of sick
and im tired so i think a change in scenery will be fun :)
thats all for now

x. ignatia

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

dreaming of a place you'd rather be

floating on the edge of a long tail boat
drifting throughout the beautiful limestone monoliths
yes please!
would kill for a little sun on the dreadfully pale skin :/
so trying to convince the family that ha long bay is the next stop on our south east asia vacation this summer !! :)
so if i get my way i wont having to be just dreaming of this place much longer ;)

x ignatia

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

too sick to go out this wednesday D:
and kanye pulled out of adelaide bdo fml!

shutup and stay with me

been googling my familys house in Holland :)))))
its amazing they live in a windmill just out of amsterdam <3
going to stay with them for a week
check it :

so close to amsterdammm ^_^


aussie pride (y)

<3 nuff said

incredibly delayed post but ya knowwww
having to much fun to post more often heheh
um so yeah these photos are from like a couple of wednesdays ago
when i went on my weekly trip to another city in Belgium
this particular time it was to Brussels to visit Eleonora
who is another exchange student friend of mine ^_^
despite other peoples opinions i love brussels <3
it reminds me of melbourne a little bit
its the closest thing they have to an australian city here anyways
went to the nicest cafe
not because it was cozy or european like all the others i go to
but it was super nice service and very friendly
and free wifi (y) haha
and cute atmosphere on a wide boulevard in bruxelllessss :)
what i had was an apple and cinnamon muffin
and raspberry latte 
which was amazing ! 
the lady was like you might not like it so you can chose something else because most people think its gross
but it was so good, strange but good hahahah
then back to eleonoras for dinner with her lovely family <3
shes lives in linkabeek which is a totally cute town on the outskirts of brussels
it has cute little woods and little winding streets
i liked it very much :)
another great wednesday!

x. ignatia

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

dia de los muertos

no halloween for me this year :(
was in paris though so ya know.. hahah
so celebrated day of the dead with ana instead <3 amazing girl!



in the city of blinding lights

so vakantie is over :(
and i have a little more time to spend updating this
and just being lazy on fb hahah
at least its a long weekend this weekend yeaaaah !
so yeap updates from the holidays
just casually spent is in paris <3
which is so completely amazing
i have fallen in love with this city!
such an incredible place
and i dont care about what people say about the french being arrogant
i love the snobbishness ^_^ hahah
all up i was there for 4 days
and we went by car
which is so close only 4 hours drive!!!
had my own hotel room so goood!
was amazing to just lounge around in ma robe after an amazing day exploring the city :)
have a bed and shower ;) lol if you get what i mean..
so ill give you a quick breakdown of the days:

Sacre Cloeur and walking around the 18th arrondissement
then at night walking along the Siene with first views of the eiffel tower
then back to walk and shop along Champs Elysees

^ so amazing it was a dream come true to see this
then at night a boat trip along the Siene

shopping at Galeries Lafayette and Bd Hauusmann
coffee and cafes on Bd Saint Germain
Soaking up the sun at Jardin des Tuilleries
more shopping in 4th arrondissment
then to eiffel tower to watch the sun set over the city :)

more shopping at Galeries Lafayette
and Musee d'orsay

an amazing four days
didnt want to leave :(
at least im back in december
to see the christmas lights and disneyland <3

x. ignatia