Saturday, April 30, 2011

a royal wedding tea party

my friends mum hosted a tea party for the royal wedding last night it was lots of fun hahaha with delicious food :) made me think of being a princess haha what a sad life i live. but still prince of Monaco yes please !
thats all today

x. ignatia

Friday, April 29, 2011

packing take one:

clockwise: rubi wedges, macbook, one teaspoon sweater, russh,blackberry,
 urban outfitters purse, finders keepers top, unknown jeans/skirt, asos carryall,
toni bianco wedges, cameo strapless dress (centre)

so far ive got: 
macbook, blackbery, russh, oversized knit sweater, x2 wedges, jeans (rafw uniform), navy miniskirt, long sleeve top, onepiece bathers, party dress

still to pack: 
cosmetics, presents for family ^_^, camera, tights and thighhighs, lingerie, black circle skirt?

its looking like its going to be cold and rainy in sydney while im there but my family told me to pack bathers in case as they live right on the water at bondi <3

actually cant wait for fashion week! exactly what i need right now a trip to distract me from life back here :)

so id better get finished packing as i leave at 12 tommorrow ! hahha

x. ignatia

Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy easter

i can honestly say that this has been the strangest easter ever.
*note the little religious figure in the background in commemoration of this holiday. i was going to post my easter outfit in here as well but it made the formatting look bad hahah

x. ignatia

Friday, April 22, 2011

the year ahead

sweet sixteen and living the dream. so its kind of my last year before shit gets super serious at school (i'm doing year 12 next year which is our lash year of high school..) so i decided to make the most of this year :)

here is it in short:
may- fashion week in sydney + shopping in melbourne
july- specialized fashion exchange to belgium
august to january-
berlin etcccc :)

so prettty much just loving life !

(all images via weheartit)

x. ignatia

here it comes

decided to do this just so i have something to do in my spare time. hahah nice joke i have no free time at the moment ! but i still want to do this so lets hope i can find some :) so basically my names Ignatia and im 16. I live in a small city in Australia. im sure you'll figure the rest out if you stay tuned.
this is a fashion blog btw hahah :)

x. ignatia