Tuesday, May 17, 2011

rafw- day five

last day !!!!
was a freaking amazing week and finished off perfectly with the best day !
such hard work but amazing none the less.
by the end of the week most of the volunteers had fucked off so we were super busy
i kinda liked that is was hectic and busy though, its a pretty cool energy
definitely something we don't get in little old adelaide -___- ha !
started off the morning at carriage works for toni maticeski
pretty cool location but it was freaking freeeezzzing !
felt so sorry for the models !
toni was super nice though, the whole team was.. had ferrero rocher and noodie smootie breakfast for us and everything hahah :)
personally his designs are a little bit too out there for me but i cant deny it was one hell of a show !
and toni i went back to OPT to help with the other shows.
i ended up doing heaps of clothing prep for St Augustines Academy and dressing for them as well.
filling in for one of the models during run through was definately a laugh !
all the models are so friendly and cute, especially the ones with not much english skills hahah ^_^
other shows i did were christopher dobosz, paper skye, poppy lissiman, jaime lee, daniella stephanie, virginie lynn,and last but most definetly not least BOWIE! <3 most gorgeous man i have ever met !
his designs were absolutely beautiful, and he himeslf
oh my god cutest guy ever ! best end to the best week!

rafw- day four

mainly just front of house stuff and ushering today :)
it was totally different to dressing but it was good to see the other side of the fashion industry !
also got to actually see some shows (L)
which was heaps of fun :)
todays timetable for me included:
yeojin bae- usher
lisa blue swimwear - usher
and little bits of other random shows like limedrop etcc.
so depressing though josh goot cancelled all miro house representatives at last minute so didnt get to do his show like i was meant too :( 
oh well though it totally makes sense to overbook in the fashion industry i mean like it doesnt hurt them at all and were free.
in my sadness i went and bought myself a raspberry infused green tea frappuccino from starbucks <3 best drink yummmmmmmmmmm ^_^


rafw- day three

day three was my day off :(
seriously needed though as i was so freaking sore haha my legs killed me!
i just like spent my time walking around bondi and surrounds and going to zara in the city hahah
I love bondi so much all of sydney is so great, i want to move there so bad !
not going to like go into some long boring rant about my explorations so i'll just leave you with the photos :)

ps. wish i had been at camilla and marc !! walked past the state theatre and boy did it look amazing ! 

x. ignatia

rafw- day two

no photos today sadly as we wern't allowed bags to take our stuff in :(
today was one of my favourite days as i had therese rawsthorne !
was my most stressful show but it was so amazing and i still had heaps of fun.
my model was skye stracke, beautiful girl :) hahah
she looked absolutely stunning in the final look of the show!
therese warned me shes a little 'frisky' though
totally true hahha! her friend lola was there too as a photographer not model though.
heres a editiorial of them from lula magazine.

that was definately the highlight of the day if not the week. the show was amazing, it was inspired from 90's tv show Twin Peaks.. and not only were the clothes beautiful but so was the location and runway... treelined and glistening !

the only other show i did on tuesday was Gail Elliot's Little Joe.
i was dresser for Sam Harris.
such a nice girl she had an amazing personality <3


rafw- day one

So, I am back from my trip to Sydney and Melbourne and it was amazing ! I had so much fun and met so many great people :)
First day started off with Zimmermann. 4:30 am wake up not fun ! hahah but still it was completely worth it. Everything was extremely organised and we were hardly needed for anything. just like collecting coffee for the models, moving seats, packing gift bags etc. even though we were not needed for dressing we got to stay and watch the show which I have to say was personally one of the highlights of my week . Zimmermann was an off-site show held at ‘the classic throttle shop’ in north Sydney. It was an interesting location, an antique cars showroom/mechanic. It was cool but I think there was definitely better off-site locations.
After Zimmerman I trained it into circular quay to go to main site. RAFW was being held at the Overseas Passenger Terminal. Such a beautiful location on he harbour, I seriously wished I lived in Sydney !  At OPT the shows I did for the rest of the day were:

Alex Perry- usher
Ready to wear #1 (uscari, flowers for a vagabond, garth cook, subfusco & lanphi) – dresser
And flannel- dresser

to be honest i found alex perry a little disappointing, wasn't really feeling all the sequins and bold colour choices..

Sunday, May 1, 2011


in sydney :)) staying really close to bondi beach! went for a cute walk last night around the little bays of bronte tarramatta and bondi was so pretty. this is just going to be a really short post as the main fashion week posts will come later, with photos !! ahah :) anyways im about to head off into circular quay for the  volunteer briefing super excited ! i'll tell you all about it when its done ^_^
x. ignatia