Monday, September 26, 2011

taste a bit of what I will find, sweet sixteen

like my weekly wednesday ritual i spent the day last wednesday with an exchange kid
visiting there town and shiz :)
i went to tienen with nooraa <3
finnish bestie >_<
had a really great day just exploring and talking
little picnic in the town square :)
very cute quaint little town
and walked to noora's house which is surrounded by lush fields and trees, so pretty
ily corn fields
just some quick photos from the day <3

x. ignatia

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I got tequila, Ciroc and two freaky friends and this a Wednesday night, this aint the weekend

the awkward moment when two posts in a row are lyrics from a wiz khalifa song... lol
today is a wednesday, the best day in the european school week
half day yo! :) so good
as it is my one month anniversary for my arrival in belgium it sorta freaked me out a bit about how quickly time is flying by and how much more i still want to see and do!
only 3 and a half months left... :/
so from this wednesday onwards i have vowed to myself i am going to spend it in a different city of belgium each week
which is also so i can see all my exchange friends who are in various parts of the country ^_^
and theres not enough weeks to see them all if i try and do it on weekends because im too busy!
life is goood
today i spent the afternoon / evening in Gent with my favourite mexican girly Ana Lucia <3
love that city, love that girl !
we spend the day walking around gent (with directions from ana's host sister ^_^) exploring cute little cake stores, gift shops and exhibitions,
here are some photos from the days events :)

catching the train from antwerp central station to gent sint pieters. one of the best thing about this country is how easy and cheap it is to travel within it. it only takes like an hour to get to gent from antwerp and with ma go pass its like 10 euro return, fyeah!

doing the tourist thing and buying gent noses, hahah. its these purple triangle jelly things that are like a special candy iconic of Gent. super sweet but pretty nice :)

quaint little cake shop which i cant remember the name of hahah opps. the picture is taken from the second floor where you sit and eat by like an indoors balcony thing. very very cute !

Speculoos cake, ymmmmmmm ;) speculoos is like a gingerbread biscuit thing that is incrediably popular here in belgium. they even have like speuloos pasts o___o i will tell you about that when i try it though..
anyways this cake was like amazing even though i felt quite ill by the end of it, so much sweeets here is belgium ! gonna get diabetes and die soon :/ haha

only in belgium...

cute times.

x ignatia

Sunday, September 11, 2011

im on my level, lol jokes

getting ready for da host family parties
w0000 p@rty 2 da mAxxx
killing time on photobooth, you know the drill
in the end wasnt as bad as i excpected 
cute boys ftw
belgian guys are seriously so much more attractive than australians
like what the fuck australia, you suck bro

some differences i noticed between belgium family parties and australian ones
1. we drink a fuck load more (but that could just be my family)
2. they had like a live band were some like weird ass guy like sang songs and some chick played the triangle (lol)
3. so much dessert, like legit so many sweets 
4. people kiss each other on the cheek 3 times
yeah thats all i can think of right now haha

happy without you honey

just some quick photos from friday night..
chillin ya know
ily european lifestyles

x. ignatia

Friday, September 9, 2011

Belgium update n°3

yo yo yo,
so i have officiqlly been here 25 days
had my up ands downs but today i thinki really realised how great being on exchange is :)
i love the kids at school and how eager everyone is to show me their country/city !
i am also now doing more publicity courses than fashion at school which is better
and for the first time since i started school my head didnt feel like it was going to explode
hahah and i wasnt even to tired after school :)
went to the stad with yasmin and joelle from school
and had a real belgium excperience at a cozy cafe called 'de muze'
sadly it was the one day i didnt have my camera!!
but i know all you australians reading this would be so jealous
so european and amazing
even if we did have cute cafes like this in australia it just wouldnt be the same its the whole atmosphere
now im home for dinner with the host fam
making plans for our trip to parissss ! yew so excited :)
not on my macbook so i cant upload any more photos right now but more soon hopefully

x ignatia

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Saturday, September 3, 2011

winkelen :)

shopping yeah
money. to. blow !
hahah havent even really started yet
just a few photos of my buys
many many more to come ;)
also orders from asos being shipped to me right now
ah i love retail therapy <3

Asos Midi length Mac
COS navy vest
COS navy vest
Zara Knit Cropped Pullover
Zara Knit Cropped Pullover
H&M high waisted Beige Jeans
Zara Pleated Skirt
Desert Boots from Morrocan Store on Abdijstraat
River Island Rucksack

x. ignatia

EDIT: now added names of brands
thankyou manon :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

mijn school :)
so much cooler looking that marryatviles buildings hahah
f yeah to the big red door thats on some cool stone bridge ^_^
so yeah ive been there for 2 days now
seems pretty good i guess
everyone is super nice and welcoming
i just wish i knew more dutch so i could interact more as hardly anyone speaks very good english 
which makes it hard :/
plus my head feels like its about to explode before the first lesson even ends
apart from that all is good :)

x ignatia

Yuksek- on a train

story of my life right now

x. ignatia