Monday, April 30, 2012

you got mail !

best feeling when you get home to a parcel waiting for you!
especially when you didnt expect it to come for a couple of day :)
top from esther boutique
which is actually based in sandy bay, tasmania
hometown represent bitch ~
ill post piccies of it laterz!

x. ignatia


1. scarf print countess dress

2. tripp nyc z-cut jeans 

3. demin colour blocking shirt

4. mint jeans

Sunday, April 29, 2012

retail therapy

mmmm online shopping :)
it is quite incredible how comforting I find shopping to be
like, once in antwerpen when i had just arrived i was being followed by some creepy old guy
and i was completely lost, thinking i was about to be raped and freaking the fuck out
then my eyes fell upon COS and i was totally carm as i feated my eyes upon all the beautiful clothes
i ended up spending like 200 euro that day and hardly wearing any of the clothes again.. hahahahah
but i dont even mind because in that instance they served there purpose :)
as i can rely on them to do anytime i am a bit stressed, or upset, or angry.
sooo tonight in my stress from not doing any of my year 12 homework/boys/family and with access to my mums credit card hehe i decided to go on a little bit of an online shopping spreee! yaya
-peplum top from esther
-few items from including a blouse and statement necklace
-jumpers from to fullfill my asian fashion fetish
-few things from asos
-blouse from riotloco
all of this makes me incredibly happy and i promise to do a clothing post off all my goodies once the arrive! as lots are coming from asia could be a while though grrr im so impatient heh
x ignatia


to celebrate (?) the 100th anniversary of the titanic a group of me and my friends got together to have a dinner party like that they they celebrated aboard the RMS Titanic all the way back in 1912. The Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio is perhaps one of my favourite movies of all time. Back when i was around 7 years old I honestly watched it everyday for a year. You could say I was just a little obsessed hehehe! The dinner party anyhow was a huge success with perhaps the beast food i have ever eaten in my entire life, ever! Think rocket, fetta, and fig bruscetta; and caramelized pumpkin and rocket pizza; good cheeses; macarons and so much other amazing treats :) Mix that with great company and alcohol and you have a beautiful mix <3 


x. ignatia


okay guys, so its time for this blog to get back on track
little update on my general life
summer is long gone and so is my asia trip
which was fab btw and deserves it post of its own!
so really ive just been swamped with all my year 12 work
and my heads been totally all over the place
so excuse the depressing posts below, its time to get my head back in a better mindframe :)
love you long time
x ignatia