Tuesday, May 17, 2011

rafw- day five

last day !!!!
was a freaking amazing week and finished off perfectly with the best day !
such hard work but amazing none the less.
by the end of the week most of the volunteers had fucked off so we were super busy
i kinda liked that is was hectic and busy though, its a pretty cool energy
definitely something we don't get in little old adelaide -___- ha !
started off the morning at carriage works for toni maticeski
pretty cool location but it was freaking freeeezzzing !
felt so sorry for the models !
toni was super nice though, the whole team was.. had ferrero rocher and noodie smootie breakfast for us and everything hahah :)
personally his designs are a little bit too out there for me but i cant deny it was one hell of a show !
and toni i went back to OPT to help with the other shows.
i ended up doing heaps of clothing prep for St Augustines Academy and dressing for them as well.
filling in for one of the models during run through was definately a laugh !
all the models are so friendly and cute, especially the ones with not much english skills hahah ^_^
other shows i did were christopher dobosz, paper skye, poppy lissiman, jaime lee, daniella stephanie, virginie lynn,and last but most definetly not least BOWIE! <3 most gorgeous man i have ever met !
his designs were absolutely beautiful, and he himeslf
oh my god cutest guy ever ! best end to the best week!

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