Sunday, June 5, 2011

green with envy

i am in love with all things green at the moment.!
asparagus green, myrtle, emerald you name it.
I have been especially inspired by the shade of the romwe skirt in my last post.
hurry up and restock so i can buy it ! hahaha
as an aspiring designer myself, i find the superstitions around green pretty interesting.
my mentor / dressmaking teacher is very superstitious about green and looking through her extensive wardrobe you will see hardly any in there.
Also when watching the Signe Chanel documentary it was interesting to here the seamstress's there talking about how they too do not like to work with the colour green due to its tendency to bring bad luck.
dont think thats going to stop me though. right now my designs are all about green. which im my mind stands for 3 of my favourite things: envy, prosperity and mystery.

x. ignatia

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