Wednesday, July 13, 2011

can you say MOJITO?!

Where I will be spending the next 6 months of my life, at either one of these places...
hehehe :)
This group of clubs/restaurants/bars look like the most amazing places to hang out in antwerp. 
My favourite, Strantwerpen! However i will only have one measly month to spend with it while I am there. You see Strantwerpen is one of Antwerp's famous summer bars which only open for the 3 months of summer. This actually sounds like an amazing idea to me. Makes summer that little bit more exciting :) !
'Velvet Group' - selection of luxurious venues throughout Antwerpen

Apart from Strantwerpen, Velvet Group consists of an elegant late night sushi bar- Sushi 55- and a cosmopolitan tapas bar -Bilbao- both of which look very electric :) This actually makes me so excited to just get to Antwerp and soak up the summer sun.
Bring on Zomer Van Antwerpen !

x Ignatia 

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