Tuesday, August 30, 2011

thanks for your time.

okay so update, finally !
sorry it has taken me sooo long
its kinda hard coz there is no wireless in my house so i cant use my laptop very much :(
so yeap been here like 2 weeks now !
first week I spent like just exploring and hanging out with my host family
as i had no friends -_- hahah
i very much enjoy having a younger host brother 
but i do see that having older host siblings or your age to be a massive positive in the first few weeks 
just because like you get a bit lonely knowing like no one
so things i did on the first week were like shopping at the meir in de stad :)
and going to the Middelheimmuseum which is like a museum park with amazing statues and beautiful buildings :) Also in the summer (like other places around antwerp) it has a zommerbar :)
its totally cool and in a circus tent 
the park was really beautiful and i will surely return again in fall to see the leaves change... :)
Apart from this I also went to another zommerbar, this one a little bigger
and i will admit much cooler than the one at middelheim. 
it has like a fake beach and amazing tree houses with hammocks and a cute little outdoor library.
from those from adelaide it totally reminded me of the garden of unearthly delights :)
but they have like lots of smaller versions of it around the city.
and the sand and deckchairs are a nice touch, we should invest it that hahaha
I wish i had been able to go out with some of the people ive now met before they had closed but oh well this city has plenty of things to do :)
Another things I did during my first week in Belgium was go to the seaside
this was so amazing, and one of the main things i wanted to do here in Belgium, as it seemed so different to australia. and it was !
it was so great to see :)
everyone kept warning me about how ugly it was going to be and that we were only going there to visit family but i actually found it quite beautiful. 
like no its not at all like the beaches in australia
but i found the grey water and long piers to be strangely charming hahahh
and they have like all these little like huts and beach chairs and trampolines and stuff on the beach all like surrounded by cute little picket fences and you have to pay to use the facilities
there like how i imagine mini beach clubs which i found uber cool haha
i also got to meet some of the cousins while i was there and that was cool 
everyone is so nice and eager to meet you which is pretty cool :)
I did other stuff this week as well but i dont have time to write it all down but yeah onto week 2!
So I spent most of my second week at camp. It was a compulsory camp run by my exchange program YFU. most of you that know me would like laugh at the thought of me on camp, me included hahah but I actually really really enjoyed it. it was a pleasant surprise ^_^
what really made it was the people. I met the most amazing group of people who i cant see myself ever forgetting :)
And compared to Australia the wilderness was actually very beautiful 
like surrounded by forest and all yet not far from a quaint little town :)
going by train was cool as well it really made for a european experience like going by train to the countryside, so cool!
Also at the camp i met my 'Junior Councilor" which is like a kind of mentor for your stay in Belgium, There like meant to support you and help you with any problems you have while your here etc, 
I was one of the only ones whose junior councilor was at the camp. and i gotta say my guy, wouter, is pretty cool :) so glad i have him as mine he's a chiller ^_^
Also im going with some of the girls i met there to Laundry Day this saturday ! 
Laundry day is this popular music festival here in ma city :)
Basement Jaxx (DJ set) is playing so FYEAH!
so keeeeeennnnn
its also going to be my first weekend once school has started as i have my first day on Thursday
i still havent like chosen my subjects or anything which i find.. odd but they seem to think its all good so yeha hahhaha
got a new rucksack for school from river island today but later im going to post photos of all my buys ! :)
so much new stuff yewb
also got stuff coming from asos in the mail any day now ! yayaya
Today i went into de stad with my host brother whcich was cute
we went to the MAS which is this new mueseum here and got like the best goddam waffel ive ever eaten!! be jealous,
and then went to the cinema and saw bad teacher which was surprisingly good
justin timberlake (L)
but yeap thats about it for now
i will try(!) and post more regularly as there is so much im skipping right now as i just dont have time :(

zommer bar 
de meir
belgium seaside

Middelheim Museum
top of zommerbar in middelheim mueseum

my junior councilor

x. ignatia

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