Friday, September 9, 2011

Belgium update n°3

yo yo yo,
so i have officiqlly been here 25 days
had my up ands downs but today i thinki really realised how great being on exchange is :)
i love the kids at school and how eager everyone is to show me their country/city !
i am also now doing more publicity courses than fashion at school which is better
and for the first time since i started school my head didnt feel like it was going to explode
hahah and i wasnt even to tired after school :)
went to the stad with yasmin and joelle from school
and had a real belgium excperience at a cozy cafe called 'de muze'
sadly it was the one day i didnt have my camera!!
but i know all you australians reading this would be so jealous
so european and amazing
even if we did have cute cafes like this in australia it just wouldnt be the same its the whole atmosphere
now im home for dinner with the host fam
making plans for our trip to parissss ! yew so excited :)
not on my macbook so i cant upload any more photos right now but more soon hopefully

x ignatia

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