Friday, September 2, 2011

mijn school :)
so much cooler looking that marryatviles buildings hahah
f yeah to the big red door thats on some cool stone bridge ^_^
so yeah ive been there for 2 days now
seems pretty good i guess
everyone is super nice and welcoming
i just wish i knew more dutch so i could interact more as hardly anyone speaks very good english 
which makes it hard :/
plus my head feels like its about to explode before the first lesson even ends
apart from that all is good :)

x ignatia


  1. nice to hear everyone is going well! kinda stupid they don't speak better english though.. enjooooy your week-end!

  2. thankyou manon !! :)
    i am going to laundry day with some other exchange students so it should be good ^_^ enjoy yours too!

  3. Hello! Don't wanna sound like a creep but I'm Zouk, Kika's twinsister. (Kika has English and physical education(, hope that's the right word...) with you.) And ofcourse I've did noticed you too! Believe it or not, she's quite good at English but she's just a little bit shy, that's probably the reason why she didn't say much... Well, what I actually wanted to say was, it's so cool that you're from Australia and that you here in Belgium! Wish you would be in my class (Architecture). I would love to be friends with an Australian girl.
    Also, beautiful blog you have here! And I like the clothing you bought from ASOS! (Damn, I love that site...)

    greetings from Kika's twinsister

    (I hope my English wasn't too bad!)