Wednesday, November 9, 2011

incredibly delayed post but ya knowwww
having to much fun to post more often heheh
um so yeah these photos are from like a couple of wednesdays ago
when i went on my weekly trip to another city in Belgium
this particular time it was to Brussels to visit Eleonora
who is another exchange student friend of mine ^_^
despite other peoples opinions i love brussels <3
it reminds me of melbourne a little bit
its the closest thing they have to an australian city here anyways
went to the nicest cafe
not because it was cozy or european like all the others i go to
but it was super nice service and very friendly
and free wifi (y) haha
and cute atmosphere on a wide boulevard in bruxelllessss :)
what i had was an apple and cinnamon muffin
and raspberry latte 
which was amazing ! 
the lady was like you might not like it so you can chose something else because most people think its gross
but it was so good, strange but good hahahah
then back to eleonoras for dinner with her lovely family <3
shes lives in linkabeek which is a totally cute town on the outskirts of brussels
it has cute little woods and little winding streets
i liked it very much :)
another great wednesday!

x. ignatia

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