Friday, May 4, 2012

The rain wets the leopard's spots but does not wash them off.

this girl is so beautiful and brave ~
it makes me sad to think of what she has to go through every day :'(
skin conditions are hard and she deals with it so well, such an inspiration <3
people should check out her blog
my heart goes out to psoriasis sufferers around the world; today and everyday; the good days and the bad

Interesting to see how you'd react! You can sort of do not know completely before you are in the situation itself. I've come a long process where I have to admit that I'm like, I hardly think that I am sick anymore. The pictures in the previous post is from the beginning of the outbreak, now I'm almost psoriasisfree - the only thing that remains is brown, large "freckles" in which psoriasis once frolicked. As a true leopard, with red wounds and tears    ...   I was desperately thinking " Why me? ". I had yelled at my own reflection, cried tears of frustration over a " young, destroyed the outside "and thought that no man in the world would ever touch me again. No dresses would look good anymore, no summer along the long sandy beaches, no lights and scantily clad future at all. I felt disgusted with my body, which would no longer felt like mine. I felt that I was nasty, and felt like a defeat that handled it so badly. "

[images via supermarie]

x ignatia

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