Tuesday, June 5, 2012

confessions lol

1: Your crushes: Dillon, Pash, Cailan, James (etc lol) 
2: Your biggest fear: Death & Failure 
3: Something you hate about yourself: My skin condition
4: Something you like about yourself: My legs
5: Something you regret: Walking away from you, Leaving when I did
6: Something you pretend to hate but secretly like: hmm I'm pretty honest about my lame interests... but maybe red meat? oh and drama (kindof)
7: Something nobody knows about you: dunno bro
8: Something embarrassing: I check my horoscope everyday and I honestly believe it is true hahahah
9: Someone you hate: Aaron 
10: Someone you love: My brother 
11: Two ways too win your heart: Make me laugh/have really goofy or lame mannerisms & be a genuine nice person, not necessarily to me but to people in general
12: One thing you would confess to your best friend: I miss you
13: One thing you would confess to your parents: I hate you for the way you treated me when I came home, and I'll probably never forgive you entirely
14: One thing you would confess to your crush: I'm sorry if I hurt you
15. The best day of your life and Why: 13.08.11- I got my Lizzie McGuire exchange aeroplane moment.. hhahahah but seriously by itself and not taking into account the repercussions that day was the bdoml with all the adrenaline and excitement and that
16. Who has made the biggest impact in your life, and why? Probably, Christine because she is the only person I know that has died that was my age and close to me and that in itself effected me alot. Also, she showed me how to not care about the little things and always find the happiness in life 
17. The last person you kissed: Dillon Tauzon 
18: Eight things that annoy you: When people get angry over spelling and grammar, when people don't do things for themselves and expect others to get them places, double standards, people who cant just get on with life and spend ages moping over their "problems", ugly clothing/fashion sense, self righteousness, not winning/not being the best, and people that dog you out constantly.
19. To go to a party or to stay home - why? Party, Party, Party #YOLO
20. One last confession: I know that the person I was last year would be ashamed of the way I have been this year. Weak, pathetic, lazy, trashy, mean. But right now I am doing really well and I'm happy and I don't want to change even though I know I should.

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