Friday, April 29, 2011

packing take one:

clockwise: rubi wedges, macbook, one teaspoon sweater, russh,blackberry,
 urban outfitters purse, finders keepers top, unknown jeans/skirt, asos carryall,
toni bianco wedges, cameo strapless dress (centre)

so far ive got: 
macbook, blackbery, russh, oversized knit sweater, x2 wedges, jeans (rafw uniform), navy miniskirt, long sleeve top, onepiece bathers, party dress

still to pack: 
cosmetics, presents for family ^_^, camera, tights and thighhighs, lingerie, black circle skirt?

its looking like its going to be cold and rainy in sydney while im there but my family told me to pack bathers in case as they live right on the water at bondi <3

actually cant wait for fashion week! exactly what i need right now a trip to distract me from life back here :)

so id better get finished packing as i leave at 12 tommorrow ! hahha

x. ignatia

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