Tuesday, May 17, 2011

rafw- day one

So, I am back from my trip to Sydney and Melbourne and it was amazing ! I had so much fun and met so many great people :)
First day started off with Zimmermann. 4:30 am wake up not fun ! hahah but still it was completely worth it. Everything was extremely organised and we were hardly needed for anything. just like collecting coffee for the models, moving seats, packing gift bags etc. even though we were not needed for dressing we got to stay and watch the show which I have to say was personally one of the highlights of my week . Zimmermann was an off-site show held at ‘the classic throttle shop’ in north Sydney. It was an interesting location, an antique cars showroom/mechanic. It was cool but I think there was definitely better off-site locations.
After Zimmerman I trained it into circular quay to go to main site. RAFW was being held at the Overseas Passenger Terminal. Such a beautiful location on he harbour, I seriously wished I lived in Sydney !  At OPT the shows I did for the rest of the day were:

Alex Perry- usher
Ready to wear #1 (uscari, flowers for a vagabond, garth cook, subfusco & lanphi) – dresser
And flannel- dresser

to be honest i found alex perry a little disappointing, wasn't really feeling all the sequins and bold colour choices..

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