Tuesday, May 17, 2011

rafw- day two

no photos today sadly as we wern't allowed bags to take our stuff in :(
today was one of my favourite days as i had therese rawsthorne !
was my most stressful show but it was so amazing and i still had heaps of fun.
my model was skye stracke, beautiful girl :) hahah
she looked absolutely stunning in the final look of the show!
therese warned me shes a little 'frisky' though
totally true hahha! her friend lola was there too as a photographer not model though.
heres a editiorial of them from lula magazine.

that was definately the highlight of the day if not the week. the show was amazing, it was inspired from 90's tv show Twin Peaks.. and not only were the clothes beautiful but so was the location and runway... treelined and glistening !

the only other show i did on tuesday was Gail Elliot's Little Joe.
i was dresser for Sam Harris.
such a nice girl she had an amazing personality <3


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