Sunday, April 29, 2012

retail therapy

mmmm online shopping :)
it is quite incredible how comforting I find shopping to be
like, once in antwerpen when i had just arrived i was being followed by some creepy old guy
and i was completely lost, thinking i was about to be raped and freaking the fuck out
then my eyes fell upon COS and i was totally carm as i feated my eyes upon all the beautiful clothes
i ended up spending like 200 euro that day and hardly wearing any of the clothes again.. hahahahah
but i dont even mind because in that instance they served there purpose :)
as i can rely on them to do anytime i am a bit stressed, or upset, or angry.
sooo tonight in my stress from not doing any of my year 12 homework/boys/family and with access to my mums credit card hehe i decided to go on a little bit of an online shopping spreee! yaya
-peplum top from esther
-few items from including a blouse and statement necklace
-jumpers from to fullfill my asian fashion fetish
-few things from asos
-blouse from riotloco
all of this makes me incredibly happy and i promise to do a clothing post off all my goodies once the arrive! as lots are coming from asia could be a while though grrr im so impatient heh
x ignatia

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